Are You a Shopaholic?

Merriam-Webster defines a shopaholic as someone who is extremely or excessively fond of shopping. A more recent story lists these common signs of someone who may be taking shopping to the extreme.

Colorful shirts on a rack

You buy items you don’t need

According to some experts, people who shop excessively are often tempted by items they can easily do without. Think: Fifth pair of sunglasses when three haven’t been touched.

Pile of clothes burying someone

You have a lot of unopened items or clothes with tags

It may be easy to dismiss the too small shoes that you’ve never worn, but boxes on boxes of unworn shoes or lots of clothes with tags still attached may reveal a larger problem.

Woman guiltily looking at shopping bags

You feel guilty after shopping

According to Columbia University, shopping addicts usually feel guilt, anger, and/or sadness following the initial euphoria of shopping. If your shopping leads to guilt and yet you shop again, you could have a problem.

Woman anxiously looking at bils

You live beyond your means

Not all shopaholics are deep in debt and not everyone deeply in debt is a shopaholic. However, living beyond your means without any idea of what you’ve spent the money on may indicate a bigger issue.

Money budgeted in jars

Spending is preventing you from achieving your goals

Everybody’s financial goals are different based on their circumstances. If your spending habit is impacting your life in a negative way, it may be time to evaluate your behavior.