Take the Headache Out of Holiday Spending

Planning for holiday shopping is one way to remove the drama and the debt. Here are a few easy steps to consider this year – well in advance of the holiday rush.

Overwhelmed woman screaming

Define who you are shopping for

Deciding who you want to buy for will make the shopping process easier and will keep you from shopping for everyone you know.

Woman writing on paper

Shop throughout the year

You do not have to wait until peak shopping season to shop. If you find the perfect sweater for your mother-in-law in October, buy it and store it in a hidden place.

Make a budget and follow it

Before you head to the mall, decide on the amount of money you want to spend on gifts, wrapping supplies and shipping. Then track your expenses as you go to make sure you stay in line.

Man shopping online

Shop online

Who says you can’t track down the perfect handbag while sitting in your pajamas drinking hot cocoa! Not only will online shopping prevent you from stressing about mall parking, but it will help you to avoid spending money on things you were not planning on buying!

Woman baking and DIY-ing

Don’t be afraid to DIY

Some of the most thoughtful gifts were not picked up at the store. Pinterest and other websites give lots of ideas for fun and creative handmade gifts. This is a great activity for children stuck inside during the chilly winter.

Participate in No Spend November

If you avoid spending money on non-essential items for an entire month, you will have a larger budget for your gift shopping.